Productions of MWAM records

Most people really like the MWAM productions. Often there come proposals that MWAM should make new music styles like Hardstyle or Electro. MWAM listens to these voices for his fans and is trying to find artists and producers worldwide that can fill the gap.


The most popular artist of MWAM is Technochrist, who is played and sold worldwide with 8 releases, yet.


In the future more artists should be added to gain more bandwith. That is not easy in a time where everybody thinks that self-marketing is it. But the professional label support is underestimated. If you are a christian artist you should have a look at the services of MWAM records. Perhaps you are ready to renounce on the one side and to gain much more on the other to reach joint success for the future. Jesus said, we are strong in a team.