The recording area is optimized for electronic music with singing. The private owned recording studio can be used 24 hours nonstop.


mwam knows about many important things and has marketing chanels that are secured by contract. As you personally can see we do best national and international marketing.


MWAM music is distributed by the world most powerful distributors. Every artists Musik wird über die weltweit stärksten Vertriebspartner verteilt. Jeder Künstler takes advantage of the excellent network, that was build by years.

Artist support

For christian motivated artists MWAM provides a range of services. Starting with consulting, coaching, up to music mastering and of course a record dealt, every talented artists will get happy. Write your questions to MWAM.


You are with heart and soul christian, a kingdombuilder and motivated DJ and music producer? You already have finished some electronic music productions or you are DJing regularly? Than you should contact MWAM.