Music With A Message

Welcome party people

About us

MWAM Records is an EDM label for artists, remixers and DJ's who put God first. MWAM Records wants to create and distribute music that is capable of celebrating with God in a whole new way. With a lot of bass, with dance and powerful lyrics. Therefore, we are not a label for classic "Rock Worship, Pop or Emo-Rock Worship" and ask for your understanding. Our target group are several hundred million people worldwide who regularly hear EDM and are not believers. Any questions?

Our vision

Our vision is to reach millions of audiences in the clubs through the charts and the Internet with the good news of Jesus Christ. For this we are looking for artists who produce their own music or artists who give us a commercial license for a remix or remake. Please contact us if you are licensor! We see a chance to build the kingdom of God with it.

Your support

Since there is no church sponsorship to produce EDM music in Germany and Europe, this commercial approach is very helpful to get a broad reach on radio and television stations. We ask all international musicians to help, so that millions of people in the world can be reached via modern club music such as Electro, House and EDM. Even if you do not like this music - others all the more.


With partners, we regularly organize events in public places. There we play the Christian EDM music and inspire faith. For these and also events in clubs and discotheques we are looking for sponsors and donors who can support us with the keyword "MWAM" via our charity partner Please do not hesitate to tell us all your questions!

Be part of it

Also junior artists and young DJ's are welcome, feel free to contact us. We invite you to spiritual DJ camps and give you the opportunity to participate in our events. We use the internet for promotion and are also looking for supporters, graphic enthusiasts and influencers there. If you love our mission with EDM, then send us an email. Together we will find a cool job you can do and we will connect you to our network. It is for the next generation.