MWAM Records

MWAM Records is a record label for christian electronic music based near Munich. This is where the world-known artist Technochrist is under contract. MWAM Records is considered one of the few successful christian label in the genre. Among other things, MWAM Records acts as global networking platform to connect all christian electronic music producers. MWAM music is distributed by the world most powerful distributors.


In 2005 MWAM Records started with the first album of Technochrist, which contained the first clear positive messages in electronic music. More releases followed. The success continued early due to a treaty with the world's most successful distributor for music.


In 2011 MWAM Records began the ICEAL query, a campaign to identify all electronic artist christian in the world. All artists who produce electronic music of any kind at a professional level, who also live a christian lifestyle and contain a christian message in the music could belong to MWAM Records.